YOSHIMIZU shrine in YOSHINO, Nara Japan

‘YOSHIMIZU shrine in YOSHINO, Nara Japan’
I visited YOSHIMIZU shrine on my way to the YOSHINO cherry blossom viewing.

It’s founded late 7th century by ENNNO-OZUNE, the founder of SHUGENDO( mountain religion the fusion of Shinto and Buddhism).
This place showed up in Japanese history some times by the famous historical people, MINAMOTO YOSHITSUNE one of the most popular Samurai escaped here from the opponents in 12th century , GODAIGO TENNO( 96th emperor) who stayed here escaping from the opponent Samurai government 14th century , TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI , one of the most popular Samurai stayed here and enjoyed cherry blossom viewing in 16th century .

The whole atmosphere is like a calm and quiet mountain residence.
We can see the KINPUSENJI temple over the garden.

Minamoto yoshitsune 12th century Samurai
Godaigo tenno ( 96th emperor)
GODAIGO TENNO ( 96th emperor) 14th century
Toyotomi Hideyoshi 16th Samurai

There are many remains of these famous people in the building.
The sound which makes by SHISHIODOSHI( bamboo ornament with water ) emphasizes the silence here which reminds the many histories of Japan.

This is the part of UNESCO world heritage site in YOSHINO area .

If you want to feel the history of Japan, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Yoshimizu shrine is one of the UNESCO world heritage site in Yoshino Nara Japan
YOSHIMIZU shrine in YOSHINO, Nara Japan
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