BEAUTIFUL OCEAN and sightseeing boat in east Hokkaido

‘BEAUTIFUL OCEAN and sightseeing boat in east Hokkaido’
We get on the sightseeing boat at UTORO port SHIRETOKO peninsula east of Hokkaido.

SHIRETOKO peninsula is the nature UNESCO world heritage site , preserved very well.
There are full of ancient forest , volcanos , rare wild animals like brown bears , Ezo deers , Ezo squirrels, red foxes , raccoons, eagles and in the ocean whales, dolphins, seals , sea lions, etc..

The ocean is the Sea of Okhotsk , very clean and beautiful.

There are 2 sightseeing boat courses , one is 1.5 hours 3300 yen( 33 dollars) , other is 3.8 hours 6800 yen( 68 dollars).
We took 1.5 hours course and enjoyed dynamic mountain view , ocean view and huge waterfall.

If you want to see the wild nature of east Hokkaido, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Sightseeing boat at Shiretoko peninsula in east Hokkaido
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