How to survive hot summer ,2701m Mt.Nishihotaka Dokuhyo

How to survive hot summer , 2701m Mt.Nishihotaka Dokuhyo

Mt.Nishihodaka Dokuhyo

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Shinhodaka ropeway

Shinjodaka rope way

I took the Shinhodaka ropeway from Shirakabadaira to the Nishihodaka entrance .

I was able to enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view of Mt.Nishihodaka Dukuhyo.

The Shinhodakaropeway is a very cool double-decker ropeway.

From Shirakaba-daira to Nishihodaka-guchi, you can enjoy the spectacular view in 7 minutes.

Mt.Kasagatake directly behind you and Mt.Yarigatake on the left side of the way.

Nishihodaka sanso( lodge)

Nishihodaka sanso
Helicopter carrier

From the Nishihodaka-guchi entrance, 1 hour walk through the mountains will take you to Nishihodaka-sanso (Nishihodaka mountain lodge).

There is a rest area with a store and a cafeteria.

Here, I saw a helicopter bringing in supplies.

It’s dynamic!

Ridge walk

Ridge line

From Nishihodaka Sanso, it is a wonderful 1 hour walk along the spectacular ridge.

Mt.Kasagatake on the left and the spectacular view of the Mt.Hodaka mountain range on the right.

Mt.Nishihodaka Dokuhyo 2701m

Mt.Nishihodaka Dokuhyo

After going over a rough and rugged terrain, we could see the small rocky peak of Mt.Nishihodaka Dokuhyo.

The angle becomes steeper, but soon you will reach the 2701m Mt.Nishihodaka Dokuhyo.

I enjoyed the 360-degree panorama here.

Why don’t you enjoy this view, too?

You will find a different Japan!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!

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