First Autumn Leaves at Mt. Azuma, Yamagata Prefecture!! 

First Autumn Leaves at Mt. Azuma, Yamagata Prefecture!!

Autumn colorful leaves

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Autumn colorful leaves

I went to Mt. Azuma in Yamagata Prefecture to see the first autumn leaves.

Mt. Azuma is a 2,035m mountain that straddles Yamagata and Fukushima prefectures.

I climbed the mountain from Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture side.

Yonezawa City


Yonezawa City in Yamagata Prefecture is about 300 km north of Tokyo, where the temperature is considerably lower.

It’s very popular for its Yonezawa beef!

It’s said it’s a best beef for Sukiyaki!

There supply only 36 month old cows.

Very soft and tasty!

Autumn leaves forecast

Autumn leaves forecast

According to the autumn leaves information, the autumn leaves are going in full bloom at the top of Mt.Azuma.

So I went there to see the first autumn leaves of the year.

Even so, the autumn foliage seems to be about 1-2 weeks later than usual.


Yamagata Shinkansen

Yonezawa City is about 2 hours from Tokyo by Yamagata Shinkansen.( bullet train)

Mt.Azuma is about 30 minutes by car (I rented a car) to Tengendai ropeway station, the foot of the mountain.

From there, you can take the ropeway and three lifts to the highest point in Japan, 1,820m above sea level.

Tengendai Shrine

From there we should walk, but today I walked at a slow pace while enjoying the autumn leaves, and ended up at the 1940m point.

Autumn leaves

Autumn colorful leaves
Autumn colorful leaves
Autumn colorful leaves

Although the leaves were not yet in full bloom, we could see beautiful signs of autumn everywhere.

I could see a panoramic view from the 1940m point.

This year is generally one to two weeks later than usual, but from now until the beginning of December, the autumn leaves will be arriving one after another.

If you are in Japan during this period, please take the time to see the autumn leaves and enjoy their beauty, which is different from that of the cherry blossoms.

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