Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022 and Japan

Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022 and Japan

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Beijing winter Olympic Games 2022

The Winter Olympics are currently being held in Beijing.

Athletes from all over the world are competing passionately.

Japan is also getting excited, winning gold medals in 70m jumping and snowboarding.

Triple cork 1440!

Ayumu Hirano the gold medalist of a snowboard became the first human being to do the triple cork 1440 several times and won.

Ayumi hirano
Ayumu Hirano

The triple cork 1440 is three 360-degree diagonal rotations and one horizontal rotation, for a total of four 360×4=1440.

It’s sounds crazy, right?

You can see the amazingness in the series of photos posted by Ayumu Hirano.

Triple cork 1440
Triple cork 1440

The height reaches 6 meters, and in 2017, Hirano failed to land and was seriously injured.

Latitude of Japan

Japan and Europe latitude
Japan and Europe at the same latitude

Japan is located a little south of Europe and the United States in terms of latitude.

For example, Sapporo in Hokkaido, which has hosted the Winter Olympics 1972, is at the same latitude as Nice and Marseille in Europe and Milwaukee in US.

1972 Sapporo Olympic Games
Sapporo 1972

Nagano, which also hosted the Winter Olympics 1998, is at the same latitude as North Africa.

Nagano winter Olympic Games 1998
Nagano 1998

It is easy to think that Japan does not have much to do with winter sports.

Winter in Japan

However, the northern half of Japan on the Sea of Japan side is one of the heaviest snowfall areas in the world.

Winter climate of Japan
Winter climate of Japan

Snow is a part of daily life in these regions.

I live in a region where there is no snow Tokyo.
But it’s easy for us going out for skiing or snowboarding with your family or friends.

It’s a fun and common winter activity for us.

This Gala snow resort is just 1 hour 14 minutes train from Tokyo!

Gala snow resort
Gala snow resort
Gala snow resort

Japan has hosted two Olympic Games in the past, in Sapporo in 1972 and Nagano in 1998 already.

Olympic Games nomination for 2030

Still there is talk of Sapporo is trying to nominate for the Winter Olympics 2030 again.

Anyway the Beijing Olympics will continue for a few more days until 20th February.

And I’m looking forward to see the athletes from around the world as they show us their amazing performances!

Figure skating
Figure skating

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