The best curry ramen restaurant !

The best curry ramen restaurant!

Curry ramen in Muroran city

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Aji no Daioh in Muroran Hokkaido

Aji no Daioh in Muroran Hokkaido

I went to a restaurant called Aji no Daioh , which is famous for its curry ramen.

It is located in the Muroran shopping district of Muroran City, Hokkaido, and is the Aji no Daioh Muroran main restaurant .

Curry in Hokkaido

Soup curry in Hokkaido

Speaking of curry, Hokkaido is also famous for soup curry, and many famous restaurants are competing with each other.

Hokkaido is also famous for ramen, with Sapporo ramen, Asahikawa ramen, Hakodate ramen, these are three famous ramen regions.

Muroran ramen

Aji no Daioh in Muroran city Hokkaido

Recently, Muroran City seems to have become the fourth area famous for curry ramen.

The soup is not the ordinary curry, but rather a unique spicy curry flavored ramen broth, which is something that has never been seen before.

If I lived closer to this restaurant , I would come here every week.

The rest of the menu also looks delicious and has the atmosphere of a long-established restaurant.

If you come to Hokkaido, why don’t you try Curry Ramen at Aji no Daioh Muroran Main Restaurant in Muroran City?

I have had Curry Ramen at other Aji no Daioh Ramen restaurants, but the one at the Muroran Main Restaurant is the best.

The reason is that each restaurant is responsible for seasoning their Curry Ramen and the taste is different.

You will definitely want to visit this restaurant again.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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