Sora=Sky of Japan! When you can see the blue sky in Japan ?

Sora=Sky, blue sky in Japan .When you can see the blue sky in Japan?

I often post the beautiful clear blue sky photos here. I think it’s a typical Japanese scenery.

Sora of Japan

We call this clear sky without clouds as”Nihonbare” literally means “Japan sunny day”.

Nihonbare, Japan sunny day

The term “Nihonbare” or “Japan sunny day ” is an expression unique to the Japanese language.

Nihonbarei in Hokkaido

It means a clear, cloudless day. It first appeared in the Muromachi period. (1333-1573).

Also the phrase “Nihonbare” or “Japan sunny day ” means that one’s mind is clear and uncluttered. It’s a common expression for Japanese people to show our mind is fine.

When to visit Japan to see Nihonbare, Japan sunny day

But when is the good month to see Nihonbare or Japan sunny day?

Nihonbare in Hokkaido

This is the statistics of sunny days of the month 30 years results of the sunny days in Tokyo region.It’s the east part, and the Pacific Ocean side of Japan. I put the typical flowers too.

Sunny days ratio

January 73% plum

February 53% camellia

March 47% canola

April 45% cherry

May 39% wisteria

June 23% hydrangea

July 33% lotus

August 40% morning glory

September 37% spider Lilly

October 41% cosmos autumn leaves

November 50% chrysanthemum , autumn leaves

December 65% poppy

Sunny months

As you see above, November, December, January, February are over 50% sunny days.

Mt.Fuji from Tokyo

These are late autumn and winter , the air is drier than other seasons , we can see Mt. Fuji even from Tokyo during this period.

But there is one point you should notice.

In these sunny months, the sunny region is the Pacific Ocean side of Japan. The Sea of Japan side is mostly cloudy and snowy during these months.

Because the cold Russian wind hits the Sea of Japan side. The current of the coast is very warm and cold wind makes the thick clouds and snow. The Sea of Japan side is snowy.

Snowy region

There are many ski and snowboard resorts on the Sea of Japan side of Japan.

Snow resort of the Sea of Japan side

June is only 23% possibility of sunny days because this period is in the rainy season.

Hydrangea and rain

Even so you can see hydrangeas, water lilies and other beautiful rainy season flowers.

Plan your visit

You check the sunny days ratio and plan your schedule to see Nihonbare, Japan sunny days!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchiko lake

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