How to care mountain persimmon Bonsai

How to care mountain persimmon Bonsai

Mountain persimmon

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I went to Showa Kinen park to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
In the park I went to the Bonsai garden to see early winter Bonsais.

Bonsai garden shows linen park
Bonsai garden in Showa Kinen park
How to enjoy bonsai
How to enjoy Bonsai
Various tree shapes of bonsai
Various tree shapes of bonsai

I found the pretty mountain persimmon is fruiting!


I show you how to grow it.

Mountain Persimmon

Persimmon fruit
Persimmon fruit
Mountain persimmon

Many varieties of persimmons are used in bonsai.

The shape of the fruit varies from round to pointy.

The color varies from orange to yellow depending on the variety.

In order to bear fruit, pollination with a male tree is necessary.

If there is a persimmon tree nearby, insects will carry the pollen.

If not, artificial pollination can be used.


In summer, if the sunlight is too strong, shade the plants with a net by about 50%.

Place in a cool, well-ventilated place.

During the rest of the year, keep it in a sunny place.

If you want to keep them indoors, keep them for 3 days in summer and 1 week in winter.

After viewing, keep outdoors.


Low watering in the summer will cause the plants not to produce fruits.

Provide more water before it gets too dry.

Water the entire tree, even if there are fruits on it.

The fruit will not fall off easily.


When the leaves have fallen, cut off unnecessary branches to balance the tree.


Once every two years, in autumn when drainage is poor.

If you miss that time, do it in mid-March.

It is best to use red ball soil.

If you plant it with the trunk tilted or at a different angle, the image will change.


The more fruits the tree produces, the more burden it will have.

The tree will adjust itself to produce just the right amount of fruit, and the fruit will drop naturally.

If there are still too many berries, rip them off in order to produce large and reliable berries for ornamental purposes.


Shape the tree in spring while the branches are still soft , then arrange form in winter.


When the flowers bloom, prepare a male tree and place it nearby.

Normally, insects will fly to the tree and pollinate it.

If you want to be sure of pollination, take the stamen from the petal of the male flower and attach it to the female flower.

How is it?

I hope you try it successfully!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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