Let’s enjoy once a year date, Tanabata festival!

Let’s enjoy once a year date, Tanabata festival!

Tanabata festival
Tanabata festival

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Tanabata Festival( star festival)July 7, August 7 depending on location

The Tanabata Festival ( star festival)season is approaching.

The Tanabata Festival originated in China, and it is connected to the Japanese original tale of the weaver woman.

It has been passed down from generation to generation.


Tanabata festival

The story that has been told over a long period of time is as follows.

Orihime (woman weaver), daughter of the king , weaves a loom.

The King was worried about the weaver’s constant work.

So he brought her to meet Hikoboshi( cowherd ) on the opposite bank of the Milky Way.

The two fell in love and stopped working.

Seeing this, the king became angry and separated them on both banks of the river.

The king felt sorry for them and allowed them to meet only once a year.

A once a year date

It’s on the night of July 7.

It is said that Tanabata Day is the one day a year when “Orihime” and “Hikoboshi” have a date on the Milky Way.

In honor of this day, people write their wishes on tanzaku strips and hang them on bamboo branches.

Tanabata festivals

Tanabata festival

Nowadays, there are many Tanabata festivals throughout Japan, and in Tokyo.

There is one at Zojoji Temple next to Tokyo Tower.

It’s from July 1 to 7, people can make wishes on strips of paper.

Also there are Asagaya and Asakusa’s Kappa-bashi Tanabata Festivals in Tokyo.

These are also famous, but unfortunately they are cancelled this year due to Covid-19.

However, on July 7, there are still Tanabata festivals at shrines, temples, and shopping malls.

Write wishes on tanzaku( paper strip)

Tanzaku strip

So be sure to write your wishes on tanzaku strips when you find them.

Children and couples love it so much!

Let’s enjoy the traditional Japanese culture festival!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Tanabata festival

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