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NEZU shrine Azalea festival - TOKYO travel TIPS

NEZU shrine Azalea festival

‘NEZU shrine Azalea festival’
I visited NEZU shrine to see Azalea flowers.

It takes 15 minutes by metro from Tokyo station.

NEZU shrine was founded around AD100 , dedicated to the SUSANOO deity, the brother of AMATERASU, the highest sun God of SHINTO.
It’s protected by TOKUGAWA SHOGUN family in middle age , the whole area is well preserved.
The family built a beautiful Azalea flower garden with 3000 azalea trees in the precinct.

The official Azalea festival is canceled this year due to COVID-19, but nature turns as usual, many azaleas are flowering now .
The flowering season is from the middle of April until early May .

There is a small 1000 red Torii gates in the precinct too.

If you miss the cherry blossom, check the azalea flower.
You will enjoy another beauty of Japan!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Nexu shrine is famous for its azalea flowers
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