Shibuya Halloween is back 2022!

Shibuya Halloween is back 2022!

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Shibuya Crossing

I went to Shibuya crossing tonight( 29th October) and to see what is like Halloween this year.

I was there on 19:00 and many people already gathered at Shibuya crossing!

When I left 20:00 , people were increasing more and more!

You can enjoy my photos and videos!

Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya Halloween
Shibuya sky building

Halloween in Japan

In Japan, In the 1970s, the toy and general merchandise store “Kiddy Land Harajuku” began to focus on selling Halloween goods as a seasonal event.

Kiddy land in Harajuku

The store held a Halloween parade to promote sales on 1983 about 100 people attended it.

It is said that this was the first Halloween parade held in Japan.

Halloween in Japan is not a religious event like Christmas or Valentine’s Day in Japan.

It’s just a seasonal event that serves as a commercial trigger for all kinds of things, including sweets.

Halloween sweets

An essential feature of Halloween in Japan is that people can dress up in any kind of costume.

Halloween in Shibuya

Halloween and cosplay ( costume play)

In Japan, cosplay, the practice of dressing up as manga or anime characters and having fun at events, was originally common .

So, you can dress up as Pokémon, heroes, Pawer Rangers, Naruto,Goku , celebrities of the moment, or people who are the talk of the town, anything.

Pockemon  and Goku

Halloween in Japan is like a battlefield of cosplay, where people compete with each other in their eccentricities.

And people get together in a festive atmosphere, making it look like a costume and cosplay competition.

Japanese festivals and Halloween

It is thought to have a roots in Japanese culture because there are many festivals and the custom of having fun together at events.

Sensoji festival in Asakusa
Portable shrine festival in HIMEJI city

And masqarad ( mask play) is practicing in Japanese festivals and events too.

These include masks, headgear, eccentric costumes, group performances with a storyline.

Namahage festival in Akita prefecture

Then Shibuya crossing has become the largest Halloween event place in the world, with a million people get together.

Halloween at Shibuya crossing

If you want to enjoy Halloween in Japan, come to Japan in the last week of October.

And when you do, don’t forget to bring your costume!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Pumpkin cafe

kiddy land

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