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What is Michelin -listed ramen 650 yen( 4.6USD)? - TOKYO travel TIPS

What is Michelin -listed ramen 650 yen( 4.6USD)?

What is Michelin-listed ramen 650 yen( 4.6 dollars)?

Michelin listed ramen SETAGAYA CHUKA SOBA

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Michelin guide listed Ramen in my neighborhood

Michelin listed ramen, SETAGAYA CHUKA SOBA

I went to a Michelin Bib Gourmand ramen restaurant today.


It’s 2 minutes walk from Soshigaya station near my house.

Tokyo is known as the world’s most gastronomic city, with twice as many starred restaurants as Paris, in Michelin Guide.

In 2023, there are 422 restaurants listed in the guide, with 200 starred restaurants and 222 restaurants registered as Bib Gourmands.

Bib Gourmands is the restaurants which do not receive a star but provide satisfaction beyond their price.

Among them, there are 26 ramen restaurants, a casual Japanese dining.

And three of them received one star.

I discovered one of the 23 Bib Gourmand ramen restaurants was just 5 minute walk from my house!

I wondered why I didn’t know even in the neighborhood, but it opened as recently as 2021.

That is the reason.

The price of ramen was 650 yen, but I read on the Internet that the price was 600 yen, so I guess they raised the price recently due to the increase of utilities and other costs.

Soy sauce simple ramen

Big pork

It is a normal style , you buy a ticket from a ticket vending machine and put the paper on the counter.

I ordered a regular ramen, 650 yen.

We can easily know the level of the dish from the most simple menu.

It is a soy sauce ramen, but the soup is mild and not too salty.

The noodles are neatly arranged and served, soft to the touch but firm to the touch when chewed.

It is filled with greens and shina bamboo, and features large, charcoal-roasted chashu pork.

It was the largest chashu pork I have ever had.

It is chewy and very satisfying.

I drank up the soup as much as I could without getting tired of it.

Why don’t you try this ramen restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide in Tokyo?

The local daily food registered in Michelin guide , very fun isn’t it?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!


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