YAKUZA and IREZUMI( Japanese tattoo)

‘YAKUZA AND IREZUMI( Japanese tattoo)’

After I climbed Mt.Fuji , me and my friends went to the public ONSEN ( Japanese natural hot spa)together. But the Australian guy with tattoos couldn’t enter the bath area. We all know that he is not YAKUZA, but It can’t be helped because it’s a rule.

YAKUZA and IREZUMI ( Japanese tattoo) are thought as the dark side cultures of Japan.
YAKUZA literally means’ useless thing , useless guy ‘ .They are guys who threat people and get money, mafia of Japan.( bodyguard charge for restaurants, entertainment areas, drugs …)
IREZUMI was a symbol of the criminal guys in the feudal age in Japan .

Japanese tattoo art Tokyo, Yakuza

Most of YAKUZA guys put tattoos on their body as the proof of ‘bravery ‘ which endures the pain !( it’s silly but true)
So ordinary people feel uncomfortable with the guys with tattoos in public bath houses , pools and gyms and police officer also asks these places to prohibit tattoo people to come in to avoid the troubles with ordinary people.

If you come to Japan and want to enjoy ONSEN ( public bath) check whether they accept you or not.
This site is the ‘ tattoo friendly places’ of Japan.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Japanese tattoo art Tokyo
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