Sea of clouds lunch at CHINZANSO hotel in Tokyo

‘Sea of clouds lunch at CHINZANSO hotel in Tokyo’
CINZAMSO hotel is one of the popular hotels in Tokyo with its beautiful garden , good services and well prepared facilities.

This area had been popular with a lot of wild camellias from 14th century, owned by politician in 19th century, the business man who succeeded this place opened the hotel in 1952 named as ‘ camellia mountain hotel’ , CHINZANSO hotel.

Wild camellias

We ate lunch at the Italian restaurant IL TEATRO where we can see the whole garden.

They operate’ sea of clouds’ event every hour. It’s a manmade fog to decorate the garden.

The lunch course is 5700yen(57 dollars) , value for money.
If you want to feel the relax atmosphere and have a nice lunch in Tokyo , check out here!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Sea of clouds in Chinzanso hotel Tokyo
Chinzanso hotel in Tokyo
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