Burst of fresh green, Jakkoin temple in Ohara, Kyoto!

Burst of fresh green, Jakkoin temple in Ohara, Kyoto!

Jakkoin temple

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Burst of Green, Jakkoin Temple, Kyoto

Jakkoin temple
Jakkoin temple entrance

In Japan, the second half of May is the season of beautiful fresh greenery.

There is a different kind of beauty from that of cherry blossoms, azaleas, and other gorgeous flowers.

I went to Jakkoin Temple in Kyoto.


Jizo Buddha statue

It is a temple of the Tendai sect, founded in 594.

It is famous for the fact that successive generations of nuns have served as its abbots in the past.

The most famous nun was Kenreimonin, who became abbess in the 12th century.

Kenreimonin nun 12 century

Kenreiklmonin nun
Grave yard

She was a daughter of the Heike clan, which was destroyed in a battle between the Minamoto and Heike clans.

And she is the mother of Emperor Antoku, who died in battle of two clans at 5 years old.

She also tried to commit suicide by throwing herself into the sea.

But she was saved and prayed for the repose of her destroyed family here until her death.

Quiet atmosphere

Jakkoin temple
Jakkoin temple precinct
Jakkoin temple mail hall
Jakkoin temple Jizo Buddha statue

The atmosphere of quiet prayer is matched by the vivid and beautiful greenery.

Why don’t you visit there?

You will be able to enjoy the history of Japan and the beauty of nature at the same time.

Green of jakkoin temple

From Kyoto Station, take the subway to Kokusaikaikaikan-mae for 20 minutes for 200 yen( 2 dollars) , then take a bus from Kokusaikan-mae to Ohara for 20 minutes for 360 yen( 3.6 dollars) , and then walk 15 minutes.

Although it takes time from Kyoto Station, the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of Ohara is a must-see place in Japan.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Jakkoin temple in Ohara Kyoto

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