CAFE with cherry blossom in MEGURO

‘CAFE with cherry blossom’
‘Du parc’ is the French restaurant next to the TEIEN ( garden)museum in MEGURO.

Du parc

The window is very wide , you can enjoy the cherry blossom and cosy atmosphere at the same time.

You can order cafe and food both .
The coffee is 660yen( 6.6 dollars) and the full course lunch is 2970yen ( 29.7 dollars).
You can order food by individually too.

Restaurant Du parc

I saw cherry blossom petals are falling apart already, very beautiful.
The life of the cherry blossom is really short , just 1 week.
That is why we appreciate we can see their beauty.

You also enjoy the TEIEN museum too.

The building is the ex-house of the imperial family ASAKA.

There is another restaurant in the museum too.
It’s 10 minutes walk from JR( Japan rail) MEGURO station.

Restaurant Du parc

If you want to feel the spring treat of Japan, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Restaurant with cherry blossom
Du parc
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