Top5 Hokkaido local specialty foods,1-Jingisukan nabe!

1:After trekking, enjoy Jingisukan nabe!

I and my son enjoyed Jingisukan nabe after trekking Daisetsuzan National Park!

Jingisukan nabe

Jingisukan nabe(pot) quinine is one of the the very famous Hokkaido local specialty foods!

It’s a Japanese barbecued meat dish using mutton (adult mutton), lamb (lamb) and other mutton meats . It is sometimes classified as a hot pot dish, but the cooking method is that of iron plate cooking.

It is generally considered to be a representative local dish of Hokkaido,and is also actively eaten in some other regions such as Tono City, Iwate Prefectureand Nagano Prefecture.

2:History of Jingisukan nabe

In 1918 Japanese government tried to produce wool mainly in Hokkaido to supply wool clothing by domestic industry.So they cultivated sheep. But they also encourage to eat mutton even though we have never eaten mutton.
So in Hokkaido mutton meat cooking was widely tried after that.

Some say it originated in Koenji, Tokyo,and there are now restaurants serving Jingisukan nabe dishes and retail stores selling meat and sauce for home cooking too.

Mutton meat

There are three types of meat used: seasoned meat (meat marinated in a seasoning solution), chilled meat (raw meat), and frozen meat (rolled meat).

“Raw” generally means meat that has never been frozen, regardless of whether it has been marinated in a seasoning solution or not.

In recent years, domestically produced fresh lamb is sometimes regarded as a high-grade meat.

Raw lamb

3: Helmet shaped iron plate

A special pot, the Jingisukan nabe pot, is used for cooking .This pot is mainly made of cast iron, such as Nambu ironware, and has a unique shape with a raised center part like a helmet, and grooves carved on its surface.

Jingisukan nabe pot

It is designed to cook lamb in the raised center and vegetables in the lowered periphery, so that the juices from the lamb will drip down along the grooves to season the vegetables.
In the 1950s, Jingisukan cuisine itself was not widespread in Hokkaido, and butcher stores rented out Jingisukan nabe pots.
Later, Jingisukan nabe parties in their current form became widespread at cherry blossom viewing parties, athletic meets, and sea bathing parties in Hokkaido. Teppan ( iron) grill nets, and frying pans can be used instead.

4: Daikokuya Jingisukan nabe restaurant

This Jingisukan nabe restaurant is Daikokuya in Asahikawa city 1 hour from Daisetsuzan National Park.

Daikokuya restaurant of Jingisukan nabe

it’s very popular for its fresh meat and tasty special sauces.
The vegetables are free! Many costumers are always queuing in front of the restaurant.
We waited 40 minutes to enter the restaurant, but it’s worth the waiting. A restaurant woman cooks the first grill as you see here, very helpful!

If you visit Hokkaido, try Jingisukan nabe! You will satisfy the taste!

Daikokuya restaurant Jingisukan nabe

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

I and my son are enjoying Jingisukan nabe


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