Colourful autumn Bonsai,momiji(japanese maple)

Colorful autumn Bonsai of Momiji( Japanese maple) is a spectacular symbol of autumn!

Ref Momiji Japanese Maple

You can enjoy Momiji( Japanese maple) all year round from fresh green color, marvelous red, and simple cold tree without leaves.

Green Momiji Japanese Maple

The leaves change from buds in spring, to green leaves in summer, to red leaves in autumn, and after the leaves have fallen, the tree is delicate and elegant. The leaves have many lobes and are usually divided into 7-9 leaflets.

Place in a sunny, well-ventilated position. For autumn color, keep in a semi-shady position in summer to avoid leaf scorch, and in winter under eaves or in a sheltered position away from wind and frost to protect the branches.

This is a water-loving plant and should be given plenty of water when dry. Always check the potting soil as it may not soak up the rain when the leaves are spreading. If it runs out of water in summer, it will not produce beautiful foliage.

How to grow Japanese maple trees
Fertilizer: Apply a solid organic fertilizer once a month from April to July and from September until the leaves change color. Remove the fertilizer when the leaves begin to change color.

Pests & Diseases: Aphids are common in new shoots and should be removed as soon as they appear. Prevent powdery mildew in early autumn. Sprays available from gardeners are good for this.

Remove: When the shoots on the branches you don’t want to grow are getting bigger, open the shoots with tweezers and remove the middle shoots.

Cut off: Cut off or halve a pair of leaves to improve air circulation. If you cut off all the unevenly sized leaves, the second shoots will have the same size leaves and you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors.

Pruning: Pruning after the leaves have fallen and pruned the overgrown branches will help to increase the number of fine branches.

Bending: The branches are stiff, so be careful when bending them. 

Cold tree Momiji Japanese Maple

Momiji(Japanese maple) is the typical autumn leaves tree in Japan because we say colorful leaves as Momiji generally.

If you want to feel the spectacle of the season check out Momiji(Japanese maple) Bonsai!

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