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Top 5 local specialty foods in Hokkaido 2- soft-serve cream - TOKYO travel TIPS

Top 5 local specialty foods in Hokkaido 2- soft-serve cream

The soft-serve ice cream is one of the top5 famous local specialty foods in Hokkaido.

Delicious soft -serve ice cream in Hokkaido

I’m Nobu, the certificate English guide in Japan for over 7 years.I show you the hidden Japan which you have never seen!

I and my son visited the Biei farm in Biei town in northern Hokkaido to eat its famous soft-serve ice cream after trekking Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido.

1: Hokkaido is the big milk production area
Hokkaido produces more than half of Japan’s milk. The majority of dairy products are sold as milk, with the remainder being sold as cheese, ice creams, and a variety of other milk products.

Biei farm in Hokkaido

The superior quality of the milk is thought to be due to Hokkaido’s optimal farming circumstances.

The cows live in a stress-free environment because of the region’s temperate climate, plenty of vast open pastures, and fresh air.

2: Biei farm at Biei town in Hokkaido
In 2009 the Biei farm started with the introduction of 9 Jersey cows.

In 2020 they established a cheese factory and started to produce hard cheeses for the first time in northern Hokkaido.
Today the Biei farm has 120 cows of four breeds: Jersey, Brown Swiss, Holstein and Montbeliard.

The cows are kept on pasture all year round in a stress-free environment, in accordance with the policy of “keeping the cows as they are”.

They produce 800kg of milk every day. The milk is then processed fresh into butter, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products in an adjacent processing plant.

They aim to produce dairy products using milk from healthy cows and to deliver the delicious taste of the milk to the customers.

3: How to enjoy Biei farm
They have a wide observation hill in the farm , we can see the 360 degrees open view of Daisetsuzan National Park.

Especially the tallest Mt.Asahidake and still active smoking Mt.Tokachidake are 2 top attractions.

We can see the cheese factory through the glass window and cute cows in the ranch too.

Then we can eat and shop in the cafe next to the factory.The soft-serve ice cream is 400yen( 4 dollars) by cup 450yen( 4.5 dollars) by corn.

Delicious soft-serve ice cream in Biei farm in Hokkaido

The taste is fresh and tasty because it’s a direct product from the production factory.

If you want to enjoy the delicious soft-serve ice cream, check out here!You won’t regret it!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Eating soft-serve ice cream
Biei farm in Hokkaido

Biei farm

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