Michelin Green Guide Japan 3-star Mt.Takao, colorful leaves have started in Tokyo!

Michelin Green Guide Japan 3-star Mt.Takao, colorful leaves have started in Tokyo!

Takaosan Yakuoin temple
Purification training waterfall
Takaosan Yakuoin temple colorful leaves

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Entrance of Takaosan Yakuoin temple

I climbed Mt. Takao west part of Tokyo, 1 hour train from the center.

Mt. Takao is a 599-meter mountain located in Hachioji City in western Tokyo.

It has long been a popular holiday destination in Tokyo, because it allows visitors to easily enjoy a day trip hiking in the mountains.

It is a typical place for field trips for elementary school students in the suburbs.

In recent years, it has begun to attract the attention of foreign tourists, and its popularity has accelerated.

Michelin green guide Japan 3-star

Michelin Green Guide Japan

It was since it’s recognized as a 3-star tourist destination by the Michelin Guide in 2007.

With 3 million climbers a year, it is known as the most climbed mountain in the world.

Elementary school outing

Climbing from the bottom takes about 1.5 hours, but a cable car (7 minutes) or a lift (12 minutes) will take you all the way up to the middle of the mountain.

Cable car in Mt.Takao
Lift in Mt.Takao

And from there it is a comfortable 45-minute walk to the top.

Both cost 490 yen.


Suspension bridge in Mt.Takao

Blessed with abundant nature, as many as 1,600 plant species have been identified on Mt.Takao.

This is equivalent to the number of native plant species found throughout the United Kingdom.

It’s making the mountain a treasure trove of nature.

Takao Yakuoin temple

Takaosan Yakuoin temple
Takaosan Yakuoin temple

Takao Yakuoin temple has a history of nearly 1,300 years since its establishment.

It is dotted with wonderful buildings and monuments, as well as numerous myths, such as the legend of the Tengu, Japanese fairy.

Tengu Japanese fairy

There is a restaurant with a view in the middle of the mountain at an altitude of 500 meters.

There are other popular gourmet foods include Tororo soba( buckwheat noodle) , Tengu yaki( sweet dumpling)and ice cream.

The temperature is a little cooler than in Tokyo due to the higher elevation.

This day the autumn leaves were just starting to change color.

I could see Mt.Fuji from the summit today!

Mt.Fuji from Mt.Takao

Why don’t you come and see the beautiful autumn leaves in Tokyo?

You will experience comfortable day out!

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