Mt.Fuji climbing in half-day-1

‘Mt.Fuji climbing in half-day-1’

I climbed Mt.Fuji in half-day without staying at the mountain hut.

Mt.Fuji summit 3776m

It’s called’ bullet climbing’.
I don’t recommend it for not fit people. It causes height sick often.

I started 5th station of FUJINOMIYA entrance 23:10 night and reached the Mt.Fuji top 4:20, by 5 hours 10 minutes.

I saw the mysterious night view of the city from 8th station.

I rested 9 th hut and ate light hot meal to warmth my body.
I stayed on the top enjoying the’ holly sunrise’ and walking around the crater.
It’s was -6 ℃( 21℉) on the top , freezing cold.
I ate breakfast on the top and went down at 6:30 and arrived 5th station of SUBASHIRI at 9:30 by 3 hours.
It’s the last week of Mt.Fuji climbing season. Still many people were enjoying last beautiful sunrise from the top.
The summit is 3776m the highest point of Japan.
If you’re interested in Mt.Fuji , check in out!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Mt.Fuji summer
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