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Nice Cafe by Tokyo Travel Tips


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Kanazawa-en history

Kanazawa-en 1930

There are many great cafes in Japan.

Here at TOKYO travel TIPS , we will introduce you to some of them.

This time it is Kanazawa-en in Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo.

Kanazawa-en was originally founded in 1916 as a Japanese traditional restaurant.

Since then, it has been famous for its beautiful nature surrounded by greenery.

popular for authors and politicians

Private room
Private room

And it was a popular summer retreat and meeting place for famous authors and politicians.

Since 2020, it has been renovated and opened as a beautiful café.

Lunch and cafe

Omelette lunch
Omelette lunch 1540 yen( 15.4 dollars )
Tart set
Tart ser 990 yen( 9.9 dollars)

It has a lunch menu including cheese omelets and a dessert menu including tarts, which are very delicious.

The first floor is a café with modern table seating.

While the second floor is a Japanese-style tatami room with a large tatami floor and a private tatami room with a tokonoma (alcove).

Japanese style or a wester style

1st floor
1st floor
2nd floor
2nd floor

In other words, you can choose either Western or Japanese style.

The cheese omelette is full of cheese flavor.

And the dessert tart is also characterized by its use of brown sugar.

The upstairs rooms are surrounded by greenery, making it seem as if you are in a nature.



The building is a typical early 20th century Japanese style building with a relaxed atmosphere.

It is as if you have stepped back in time.

Access is a 5 minute walk from Umino-Koen Shibaguchi Station on the Yokohama Seaside Line.

If you ever come to Yokohama, please visit here.

You will feel as if you were like the famous Japanese authors and politicians of old time!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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