YABUSAME ,horse back archery

‘YABUSAME ( horse back archery)’
YABUSAME ( horse back archery) is a popular exhibition of Japanese festivals.

YABUSAME, horse back archery

There are 116 YABUSAME festivals in Japan all year around. Some of them perform in autumn festival .

Japanese horse back archery

This is the one of MEIJI shrine in center of Tokyo last year 3rd November. Unfortunately the shrine announced that they don’t do it in front of the audiences this year because of corona.

YABUSAME archers

Anyway enjoy the atmosphere of the event and look forward to see it next year! It performs 3rd November every year, the day of MEIJI emperor was born.

Emperor Meiji
Emperor MEIJI

This period from 30th October to 3rd November is the annual festival days of MEIJI shrine.

Japanese horse back archery
YABUSAME horse back archery

If you’re interested in YABUSAME ( horse back archery) check it out!!

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Japanese horse back archery
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