‘TENJINJIMA island ’
I came across the ‘TENJINJIMA natural history museum ‘ in SAJIMA west part of MIURA peninsula.
It’s a tiny museum for free. The car parking is also free.

TENJINJIMA natural history museum
TENJINJIMA Natural history museum

I surprised that the building itself is very tiny and local, but it has a huge seashore in it. The surrounding seashore and small rocks islands are also in the museum.

Seashore of the museum
Seashore rocks

The most fantastic thing is we can see Mt.Fuji on the Pacific Ocean just in front of it!!
It takes 1 hour drive from Tokyo, 2 hours by train and bus .

The sun and the Pacific Ocean

If you want to feel the dynamic nature of Mt.Fuji, clear sky and Pacific Ocean , check out here!
Your uneasiness will clear up soon !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Natural history museum seashore and Mt .Fuji
Natural history museum seashore and Mt.Fuji
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