What is the Ghibli museum like?

What is the Ghibli museum like?

Ghibli museum

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Ghibli Museum

Ghibli museum

The museum was conceived by Hayao Miyazaki and opened in 2001.

As the name suggests, the museum houses and exhibits many Ghibli-related items.

The building itself was designed based on a sketch by Hayao Miyazaki.

Ghibli also manages the museum and produces the short films shown in the museum.

The main exhibits

•The cat bath room from “My Neighbor Totoro”: children can enter and play inside.

Neko bus

•Robot soldiers on the rooftop from Castle in the Sky

Ghibli museum robot

•Stone at the center of Laputa: Laputa characters are engraved on the stone.

Ghibli museum stone

•Library “Trihawks”: The original copy of “The Witch’s Delivery Service” and books related to Ghibli are always available for purchase.

Ghibli museum

•The Saturn Theater, a video exhibition room: Animated works for the museum and special exhibition-related works are shown here.

Ghibli museum

•Entrance Hall: The ceiling is covered with fresco murals dotted with Ghibli characters.

Ghibli museum

•Totoro’s fake reception

Ghibli museum

•Cafe “Straw Hat”: Original menu is available.

Ghibli museum Cafe

•Manmayut” store.

Ghibli museum

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Totoro reception

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