What is Meigetsuin blue ?

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What is Meigetsuin Blue?

Hydrangeas in Meigetsuin temple
Hydrangeas in Meigetsuin temple
Hydrangeas in Meigetsuin temple

There many famous hydrangea viewing spots in Kamakura.

Top three temples are Jojuin Temple, Hase Temple, and Meigetsuin Temple.

I think Meigetsuin temple which I introduce here is especially famous as it’s blue color.

Meigetsuin Temple is the representative “hydrangea temple” in Kamakura.

And it is crowded with many people every year during the rainy season.

The temple is said to have approximately 2,500 plants of beautiful hydrangeas.

Uniformity of blue

Hydrangeas in Meigetsuin temple
Hydrangeas in Meigetsuin  temple

The main feature of the hydrangeas at Meigetsuin Temple is the magnificent uniformity of the blue color.

Most of the hydrangeas planted on the temple grounds are an ancient Japanese variety called “Himehydrangea,”.

And their transparent beauty which intentionally united in a single blue color, is known as “Meigetsuin blue.”

The vast area of hydrangea blooming as far as the eye can see in the sloping valley at the foot of the mountain.

It is never boring to look at.

There are many places to see throughout the temple grounds.

Chacha Bridge

Chacha bridge in Meigetsuin temple

It’s a wooden bridge overlooking the hydrangeas.

Surrounded by large trees, it is full of clean air.

Sanmon Gate

Sanmon in Meigetsuin temple

It’s a beautiful approach surrounded by hydrangeas on both sides.

Karesansui Garden

Zen garden in Meigetsuin temple

Its a Zen garden in front of the main hall.

It is small, but you can feel the Zen prayer.

Window of Enlightenment

Window of enlightenment

It’s a round window that allows you to see the garden behind.

It is a truly picturesque view.

The back garden

Back garden irises

It’s a hidden garden that is open only in June for the irises and November for the autumn leaves.

The quiet atmosphere is soothing.


Well in Meigetsuin temple
Rabbit statue
Rabbit house
Bamboo forest
Blue bib Buddha statues
Buddha holding hydrangeas
Buddha statue with irises

There are also a well, stone statues, a rabbit hutch, a bamboo grove, and other attractions that will keep you busy.

Why don’t you immerse yourself in the blue of Meigetsuin and experience the beauty of Japan?

It is recommended to enter the temple at the time of opening and enjoy the quietness of the temple.

It is said to be the most crowded temple in Kamakura during the beautiful hydrangea season.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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