Why don’t you enjoy kaiseki lunch at Seryo in Ohara Kyoto?

Why don’t you enjoy kaiseki lunch at Seryo in Ohara Kyoto?

Seryo in Ohara Kyoto
Seryo in Ohara Kyoto

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Lunch at Seryo in Ohara Kyoto

Seryo in Ohara Kyoto
Seryo in Ohara Kyoto

I had lunch at Seryo.

Seryo is a hot spring inn located in Ohara, northeast of Kyoto.

Ohara has long been a place of retreat for the aristocrats of Kyoto.

Sanzenin temple

Sanzenin temple

Sanzen-in Temple, a Tendai sect temple built around 780-806.

It is the most popular temple in Ohara for its quiet and noble appearance.

Seryo inn

Seryo in Ohara Kyoto
Seryo in Ohara Kyoto

Seryo is located in front of the main gate of Sanzen-in Temple and is only a few minutes away from the main gate.

Seryo is a rare onsen ryokan in Kyoto and is popular tourist spot throughout the year.

In May, it is a very pleasant place surrounded by fresh greenery.

This time, we did not stay overnight, but had lunch here.

Since Seryo is very popular, we made a reservation.

Kaiseki lunch

Kaiseki lunch at Seryo

Lunch is served in a room overlooking the valley.

There is also a table on the veranda.

We ate in the room with a view of the outside while enjoying the fresh greenery.

The view
The view

The meals are pure Japanese kaiseki cuisine.

They consist with many carefully prepared dishes that are beautiful to look at.

The quiet atmosphere and setting also made for a very satisfying experience.

Reservations are available from 3,850 yen( 38.5 dollars) and up menus.

If you luckily can get in without a reservation, you can enjoy a meal from 2,200 yen( 22 dollars).

Finish lunch

Why don’t you come to Seiryo and enjoy Kaiseki cuisine in Seryo?

You will surely feel the real Japanese culture!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Seryo in Ohara Kyoto

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