Ancient Forest of BC.3 century Tadasuno-mori of Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto! 

Ancient Forest of BC.3 century Tadasuno -mori of Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto!

Tadasuno-mori ancient forest of Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto

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Tadasuno-mori forest in Shimogamo shrine

Tadasuno-mori ancient forest of Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto

I went to the Tadasuno-mori forest in Kyoto.

It is a primeval forest developed at the confluence of the Kamo and Koya Rivers.

It covers an area of 124,000 square meters (about three times the size of Tokyo Dome stadium).

The entire forest was designated as a National Historic Site in 1983 and has been preserved.

UNESCO world heritage site


In addition, the entire Shimogamo Shrine including Tadasuno-mori forest was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1994.

The Tadasuno-mori (forest) is a virgin forest that stretches across the Shimogamo Shrine grounds.

Ancient forest

Tadasuno-mori ancient forest of Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto

It’s character is same as BC. 3 century.

It once covered an area of about 4.95 million square meters when the Heian-kyo ( old name of Kyoto)capital was located in Kyoto 794.

After the Onin War (1467-1477)and other wars in the Middle Ages that took place in Kyoto.

And the confiscation of the domain of temples and shrines early Meiji period (1868-1912), the area was reduced to its present size.

In particular, the Tadasuno-mori forest was burned down in the Onin War on June 14, 1470, when 70% of its total area was destroyed by fire.

Tadasunomori is an old-growth forest that generally retains the flora and fauna that existed when this area was called Yamashiro Province in old age.

About 4,700 trees of about 40 species grow in the forest.

And mainly deciduous trees of the elm family such as zelkova and enoki.

The forest extends between the Kamo and Takano Rivers and is long and narrow from north to south.

There are several clear streams that wind through the forest floor and flow into these rivers.

And the surrounding area is thick with plants that like to be near water.

The area was mentioned in “The Tale of Genji” and “The Pillow Book” in 11th century.

And it is still a historic site that provides people with a place to relax as a place for forest preservation.

Why don’t you come and see the forest as it was in the 8th century?

You will feel the same feeling as 8th century people!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Tadasuno-mori ancient forest of Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto

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