Azaleas festival 2022 in Shiofune-Kannon temple in Ome, west of Tokyo!

Azaleas festival in Shiofune-kannon temple in Ome, west of Tokyo!

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Shiofune kannnon temple

Shiofune Kannon temple in Ome

I visited Shiofune-kannon temple in Ome , 1 hour 30 minutes from the center of Tokyo .

This temple founded AD 645, a nun from Wakasa region ( today’s Fukui prefecture) offered the gold statue of Kannon Buddha .

It’s a Shingon school Buddhism today, one of the oldest schools in Japanese Buddhism.

20000 azaleas


It’s famous for its 20000 azalea blooming in the middle of April to the early May.

The temple is surrounded by the hill , like the boat shape , the temple building is like on the bottom of it.

Shiofune Kannon temple

You can walk on the top of the round hill , there is a 15m tall Buddha statue on the top observatory.

View from the Buddha

Shiofune Kannon temple Buddha statue

The view from the tall Buddha statue is like a panorama of the azalea flowers !

Shiofune Kannon temple the view from the Buddha statue
Shiofune Kannon temple Buddha statue

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Shiofune Kannon temple

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