How to enjoy SHOWA KINEN PARK-3

‘How to enjoy SHOWA KINEN PARK-3’

SHOWA KINEN PARK is built 1983 as a 50years anniversary of emperor SHOWA’s rein at TACHIKAWA city in west part of Tokyo.
The area is huge because it was a airport before, 5 train stations can access this park .
This park is also planned as a evacuation zone when the natural disasters may happen.
My third recommendation here is the Japanese garden.

Japanese garden rest house

It’s located in the north east area with big pond on the center of the Japanese garden.
The MOMIJI( Japanese maple) in front of the traditional building is really beautiful by its red color.

Japanese garden walkway

You can rest in the traditional house and also walk around the pond enjoying the reflection of the scenery from the several different angels.
There is a small stream we can hear sound of the water .


You can stop by anywhere and take a lot of photos!
If you want to feel the traditional Japanese scenery, check out here!
You forget you’re in Tokyo!!

Pond in the Japanese garden
MOMIJI ( Japanese maple) in Showa KINEN park
MOMIJI ( Japanese maple) in front of the rest area

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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