KATSU CURRY lunch at snow resort

‘KATSU CURRY lunch at snow resort’
I ate KATSU CURRY ( curry with pork cutlet) at the rest area OLE of GALA YUZAWA SNOW RESORT.

OLE rest area

KATSU CURRY is the popular dish for lunch in Japan.
They are served very quickly because the roux of curry is reserved already.
Also the pork cutlet is warmed by microwave before they serve . So we can eat warm dish soon .
It’s good to eat lunch soon at the snow slopes.


OLE has other dishes like , Donburi( meat on top of rice ) noodles, spaghettis , drinks and alcohols.

If you go to the snow resort in Japan, try KATSU CURRY!

Oishii( delicious!!)

I think you will like it!

Also you will get the power to play more !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Katsu curry is the popular lunch dish at snow resort
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