Early spring footages in Mt.MIURA-FUJI

I climbed Mt.MIURAFUJI at MIURA peninsula.
It’s just 183m high but we can see the dynamic view of the Pacific Ocean from the top.

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There is a cute JIZO Buddha statue that protects travelers.
Japanese mountains are always connected to the old beliefs .


We Japanese often names the local mountain as ‘…..FUJI’ to follow the Mt.FUJI , the tallest mountain in Japan.
So if you travel the local mountains in Japan you often come across ‘……FUJI’ mountains.
We can see the view of MIURA peninsula very close from here .

Summit and the view
The view of the Pacific Ocean and the Miura peninsula
MIURA peninsula and the Pacific Ocean

The trail is just 30 minutes comfortable hike from the KEIKYU line NAGASAWA station.
It takes 1.1 hour from TOKYO to KEIKYU-NAGASAWA station, around 1000 yen( 10 dollars).

Pacific Ocean and MIURA peninsula

If you want to see the dynamic view with just a short hike, and want to feel the Japanese old belief, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

How to speak easy Japanese

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