The Best Three upscale free Japanese Gardens in Tokyo

The Best Three upscale free Japanese Gardens in Tokyo

I’d like to introduce you to the top three upscale free Japanese gardens in Tokyo .

I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries. I’ve got the license of the certificate English guide in Japan for 7 years.I show you hidden Japan which you have never seen and heard of!

Hotel New Otani Japanese garden
Hotel New Otani Japanese garden

These can be found in hotels and wedding building.

I’ve been to many Japanese gardens, but these three are precious.

They do always nice maintenance,have many restaurants and cafes , worth a visit in every season.

In addition, you can see all of them for free.

Of course, if time and budget permit, you can spend more time at restaurants and cafes.

1:Hotel New Otani

2: Happo-en

3:Chinzan-so hotel

1: Hotel New Otani Japanese Garden

The Hotel New Otani was built during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to entertain foreign tourists.

It was originally the site of a samurai residence.

The garden has a history of more than 400 years as a suburban residence of Kiyomasa Kato and a garden of the Ii family.

This vast Japanese garden of about 40,000 square meters is surrounded by the outer moat of Edo Castle.

The pond garden is a symbol of the Hotel New Otani, with its seasonal flowers and shady trees.

It is a peaceful place in the heart of the city, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

And you can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere to your heart’s content.

There are four restaurants in the garden, where you can dine with a view of the garden.

The garden is also lit up at night.

Hotel New Otani illumination
Hotel New Otani illumination

2: Japanese Garden at Happoen

Happoen garden cherry blossom
Happoen garden cherry blossom

This was also the residence of a samurai during the Edo period.

And in 1915, a garden was rebuilt along with the residence.

The name “Happoen” means “beautiful from any direction.

The basic elements of landscaping, such as trees, stones, water, and soil, are strangely arranged.

And nature is recreated as it should be.

There are many excellent bonsai trees that are over 500 years old.

Happoen garden Bonsai

There are also two tea houses, Yumean and Kasumihoan.

These were relocated to preserve the atmosphere of those days.

The historical buildings and artifacts are well-balanced and harmonious, creating a beautiful garden in every season. 

There are cafe and restaurants overlook this beautiful garden where you can dine.

3: Chinzan-so hotel Japanese garden

Chinzanso hotel colorful leaves
Chinzanso hotel colorful leaves

This place was originally a samurai residence in the Edo period.

Chinzan-so was purchased by a Japanese politician in 1878 and the garden was redesigned.

Camellia grows naturally in this area, and the name “Chinzan-so” means “mountain where camellia blooms.

The garden is a pond garden with different elevations, taking advantage of the hilly terrain of Mejiro-dai and Sekiguchi-dai around here.

You don’t need to stay overnight or use the restaurant to take a stroll, and you can view the garden lit up at night until around 9 pm.

Chinzanso hotel illumination
Chinzanso hotel illumination

You can also view the garden from the restaurant.

There is also an artificial sea of clouds event, which provides a mysterious atmosphere.

You can also see the whole beautiful sea of clouds from the restaurant.

Chinzanso hotel sea of clouds
Chinzanso hotel sea of clouds

What do you think?

All of these places are located within the 23 wards of Tokyo and are easily accessible.

If you just want to see a Japanese garden, it is free.

If you are in Tokyo and have the time, I highly recommend you go!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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