Why don’t you see Japanese tea farm and Mt.Fuji at the same time, Obuchi Sasaba Japanese tea farm?

Why don’t you see Japanese tea farm and Mt.Fuji at the same time, Obuchi Sasaba Japanese tea farm?

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Obuchi Sasaba tea farm

I went to Obuchi Sasaba tea farm to see the tea farm and Mt.Fuji of Shizuoka Prefecture and Mt.Fuji.

Shizuoka prefecture

Shizuoka( blue)

Shizuoka Prefecture is the largest producer of Japanese tea in Japan, about 40% of Japan’s tea production.

There are about 20 tea-producing regions in Shizuoka Prefecture.

One of the reasons why Shizuoka Prefecture has developed into Japan’s number one tea producing area is its mild climate.

The tea tree is originally a subtropical plant, not resistant to cold weather.

Therefore, Shizuoka Prefecture is a very suitable place for tea cultivation.

It rarely snows even in the middle of winter.

This Oobuchi Sasaba tea farm has recently become famous for its beautiful tea farm and the view of Mt.Fuji.

I could hear the birds chirping incessantly in the background here.

Japanese tea leaves were just starting to emerge and their pale green color was shining.

The annual tea picking season has arrived.

Japanese tea during the season of tea is highly nutritious, and its aroma is refreshing and deep.

Japanese tea

The catechins in Japanese tea have many beneficial effects.

Such as inhibiting carcinogenesis, lowering cholesterol in the blood, preventing aging.

More over suppressing elevated blood pressure and blood sugar.

Lastly antiviral effects, preventing tooth decay, and preventing bad breath.

Why don’t you enjoy this view and drinking Japanese tea?

It takes 2 hours from Tokyo by car.

By public transportation , drop JR Fuji station 2hours 30 minutes from Tokyo , take bus 30 minutes to Sohinashita, then walk 15 minutes.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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