How is like the popular tourist spot during cherry blossom season, Pallet Town in Odaiba?

How is like the popular tourist spot during cherry blossom season, Pallet Town in Odaiba?

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Fuji TV headquarter from Pallet Town

I went to Palette Town in Odaiba.

Odaiba is the manmade island in the Tokyo bay which connected train lines 1995, 1996.

You can go there by Yurikamome line and Rinkai line from center of Tokyo.

There are many futuristic facilities here.

Pallet Town

Ferris wheel in pallet Town
Ferris wheel at pallet Town

Pallet Town is an entertainment complex built in 1999.

It has a Giant Ferris Wheel, Venus Fort shopping area, History Garage Museum, Borderless Digital Art Museum, and more.

However Pallet Town announced that the current facility will be closed this year.

Then by 2025, it will be renovated an arena stadium where concerts and sports can be held.

The big Ferris wheel will also be closed on August 31 this year.

Cherry blossoms

Flowers at Pallet Town
Cherry blossoms at pallet Town
Flowers at Pallet Town

However the nearby area is a beautiful wide open area with many flowers around.

So it is nice just to stroll around.

Why don’t you enjoy seasonal flowers in Pallet Town in Odaiba?

You will feel the nature in the futuristic city.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Flowers at Pallet Town

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