When you should visit Japan to see colorful autumn leaves? And where?Autumn leaves forecast!

When you should visit Japan to see colorful autumn leaves? And where?Autumn leaves forecast!!

The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced this year’s autumn leaves front in Japan. Autumn is a nice season to see spectacular colorful autumn leaves same as the cherry blossom of Spring. You can check when and where you should go to see colorful autumn leaves in Japan!

Autumn leaves forecast

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Autumn in Japan lasts from September through November.  It’s one  of the greatest times to visit the nation because of the beautiful foliage. Autumn colors may peak as late as late November/early December in some locations.

I and my son have already enjoyed colorful autumn leaves at Daisetsuzan Hokkaido in middle of September!

Autumn leaves at Daisetsuzan middle of September
Daisetsuzan middle of September

Among the many trees, only deciduous broadleaf trees can produce beautiful autumn colors.
These deciduous broadleaf trees are found only in East Asia, including Japan, parts of Europe, and eastern North America. In fact, the very fact that you can see autumn leaves is a precious thing.

Among them, Japanese autumn leaves are said to be the most beautiful because of the vivid colors of the leaves. In Europe and the U.S., autumn leaves tend to be monochromatic. In Japan there are reds, yellows, and oranges, mixed with the green of evergreen trees. This is the reason why even fallen leaves look so picturesque.

Variety of colors

The secret of the color of Japan’s autumn leaves lies in the variety of deciduous broadleaf trees. In Europe and the United States, there are about 13 types of trees, but in Japan, there are a whopping 26 types. In addition to the large number of species, the color of the leaves changes depending on the climate of the year and the amount of moisture in the leaves. This is one of the reasons why people are attracted to autumn foliage, as the same tree will take on a different hue each year, and the colors will not be the same every year.

Autumn leaves

So why are there so many deciduous trees in Japan? It’s because broadleaf trees survived the ice age in the Japanese archipelago.
In other countries, most of them were killed by glaciers, but in Japan, a wide variety of deciduous broadleaf trees were able to survive thanks to the warm coastline and its topography.

Ice age  glaciers

It is through this miraculous history of weather that we are now able to see the beautiful autumn leaves.

The reason why autumn leaves in Japan are so popular as a tourist attraction is partly because the ancient Japanese buildings, such as temples and shrines, match beautifully with the beautiful autumn leaves.
Ancient Japanese scenery and Japanese houses have a mystical atmosphere, and the beautiful autumn leaves of these popular tourist spots are the natural scenery that many foreigners want to see.

Colorful autumn leaves and temple

The many kinds of autumn leaves that can only be seen in Japan are said to be “the most beautiful in the world” due to a combination of many miraculous reasons that are unique to Japan. I hope we can enjoy them in various ways and preserve them for future generations.

If you want to enjoy the colorful autumn leaves in Japan, check out this forecast!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Colorful autumn leaves

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