Mitake Valley Trail, the beauty of nature, cafe and Katana Sword smith! 

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Mitake Valley Trail, the beauty of nature, cafe and Katana Sword smith!

Mitake valley

The Mitake Valley Trail is a scenic trail that stretches along Mitake Gorge in Ome City, Tokyo.

The trail runs along the Tama River from Ikusabata Station on the JR Ome Line to the Okutama Fishing Center.

The clear stream has been selected as one of the 100 best waters by the Ministry of the Environment.

Mitake keiryu( stream)

Mitake valley entrance
Mitake valley

It’s as “Mitake Keiryu,( stream)” and the beauty of the valley.

The valley is also a mecca for rafting (rafting on rubber boats) and canoeing.
These can be viewed from the trail.

Gyokudo museum

Gyokudo museum

Along the promenade near Mitake Station on the JR Ome Line , there is the Gyokudo Museum.

It’s the art museum of Gyokudo Kawai, a master Japanese-style painter.

He loved this area and lived there for the rest of his life.

If time permits, take a side trip here.

Sawanoien garden

Sawanoien garden
Sawanoien garden

On the way, there is the Ozawa Sake Brewery and Sawanoi-en garden, runs by the brewer of Sawanoi.

It’s located along a beautiful valley with several restaurants, it is a great place to take a break during a hike.

On the second floor, you can try sake tasting for 200-500 yen.

Sake tasting
Sake tasting glass

There is a cute little Kanzanji Temple and the Kanzashi ( hair pin) Museum.
Hydrangeas were still blooming everywhere.

Hydrangeas in Sawanoien garden
Hydrangeas in sawanoien garden
Hydrangeas in sawanoien garden
Kanzanji temple
Drawing of skull

Katana sword smith

Katana sword smith

There is also a Japanese Katana sword smith about 10 minutes from the Ikusabata station.

When the sword smith is not busy working, you can make an appointment in advance for a visit.

You can see the nature of Tokyo and an traditional sword smith at the same time!

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