Rainy season hydrangeas in Hase temple in Kamakura

Rainy season hydrangeas in Hase temple in Kamakura

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Hydrangea at Hase-Temple

Hydrangeas in Hase temple
Pacific Ocean and hydrangeas in Hase temple
Hydrangeas in Hase temple

The hydrangeas are blooming beautifully now!

Hase temple is one of the most popular temples especially flower season!


It’s founded in the Nara Period (736), Hase Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kamakura too.

And it was designated as a place of imperial worship under the reign of Emperor Shomu.

The principal image of the temple is a statue of the eleven-faced Bodhisattva.

Eleven faces Kannon Bodhisattva

It is one of the largest wooden Buddhist statues in Japan (9.18 m high).

The temple is a symbol of the Kannon Sacred Sites representing the Eastern part of Japan.

And its Dharma has been handed down to the present day.

There is a mysterious legend this temple.

2 Hase temples in Kamakura and Nara

In 721, Tokudo Shonin, a priest from Nara Prefecture, carved two identical statues of the Kannon on a camphor tree.

One was enshrined at HaseTemple in Nara Prefecture.

Hase temple in Nara prefecture
Hase temple in Nara

And the other was washed out to sea from the coast of Ise.

Then it’s landed near Hase Temple in Kamakura , 600 km away.

Then Tokudo Shonin founded it and dedicated the Kannon statue here.

The temple in Nara Prefecture also has the same name as this Kamakura temple, Hase temple.

Hydrangeas are in full bloom

Now hydrangeas have started to bloom beautifully.

Hydrangeas in Hase temple

You can enjoy them during the month of June.

Hydrangeas in Hase temple
Bamboo forest in Hase temple

Why don’t you come and enjoy the mysterious statue of Kannon and the hydrangea, and enjoy both 1300 years of history and nature!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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