OMURICE ( omelet covered ketchup fried rice)

‘OMURICE ( omelet and fried rice)’
OMURICE is a very popular Japanese food with mix of French omelet and fried rice.


It’s developed in early 20 century by several YOUSHOKU( Japanese western food ) restaurants.

I’m eating OMURICE

It’s basically ketchup fried rice covered by thin grilled fried egg. They put demiglace source on the top. Children and women especially like it .
This restaurant is MUGIBOSHI (produced by MANTENBOSHI restaurant) in ODAKYU department in Shinjuku.

There are many ‘ OMURICE speciality restaurants ‘ all over Japan!

Fluffy egg OMURICE
Fluffy egg OMURICE
Scrambled OMURICE
Scrambled OMURICE
Separate OMURICE
separate OMURICE

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