TOKYO autumn footage-2

‘TOKYO autumn footage-2’

I visited KAIGAKAN ( pictures gallery) AOYAMA in center of Tokyo which built 1926 as a memorial of emperor MEIJI.

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KAIGAKAN ( picture gallery)
KAIGAKAN( picture gallery) in AOYAMA
KAIGAKAN front view

The front approach is very famous for its ginkgo tree lines.
These tern yellow in autumn, many people gather here to see it .

Front appears to KAIGAKAN

There are some cosy cafes along this front approach, nice to rest, eat and drink.

Cafe in KAIGAKAN front approach
Cafe in front approach

The nearest stations are metro GINZA line AOYAMA-1COME or GAIEN-MAE , 5 minutes from these stations to the front approach.
The surrounding area is nice walking around and relax even in the center of Tokyo.

Ginkgo trees

If you want to feel the nature in Tokyo, check out here!!

Ginkgo trees

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

How to speak easy Japanese

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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