Why don’t you try Osechi, new year’s cuisine in Japan?

Why don’t you try Osechi, new year’s cuisine in Japan?

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Osechi was a seasonal cuisine

Osechi new year’s cuisine

Today I would like to introduce some of the dishes that are eaten during the New Year’s holiday in Japan.

In Japan, it is said that the custom of offering food to God of the year has existed since the Yayoi period in BC.

It is known to have been held seasonal festivals which offered seasonal dishes at the Imperial Court around the 8th century.

And it is thought to have gradually spread to the common people.

The shape of the dish was not in the form of a stacked box as it is today.

But it’s on high footed bowls.

Osechi as new year’s cuisine

The most important seasonal dish was the New Year’s meal, which came to be called “Osechi”.

The method of arranging dishes neatly in stacked boxes seems to have started around the 18th century.

Jubako, boxes style

1950’s, the department stores began to actively market it, that this style became popular.

Basically, this dish is baked, boiled, smoked, or pickled without living matter so that it can be preserved.

Housewives are relieved from their busy cooking while this dish is available.

You can have a taste of Osechi, new year’s quinine if you are staying in Japan during the New Year period.

Zouni, boiled rice cakes

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Fresh sake

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