Why don’t you enjoy this peaceful atmosphere in Hahajima island of Ogasawara village in Tokyo?

Why don’t you enjoy this peaceful atmosphere in Hahajima island of Ogasawara village in Tokyo?

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The atmosphere of Hahajima island

Hahajima island of Ogasawara village
Hahajima island

I am on Hahajima Island in the Ogasawara Islands.

This is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo, but it’s also in the Tokyo metropolitan.

Ogasawara village in Tokyo

Hahajima island of Ogasawara village
Hahajima island road

It is Ogasawara Village in Tokyo.

There are about 460 people living on Hahajima island .

The people live in Okimura village and in other places on the island.

They produce agricultural products and do fishing and several guide people.

I believe the atmosphere has not changed since it was discovered in the 16th century.

Since it has never been connected to any continent , 94% of the flora and fauna are endemic.

Hahajima maru

Hahajima maru ship
Hahajima maru

Hahajima island is reached by the Hahajima Maru, a two-hour ride from Chichijima island .

Still this is the only means of transportation.

When you arrive on the Hahajima Maru, you are greeted by the subtropical air.

Tropical air

Hibiscus in Hahajima island

Many of the flowers you see as you walk around the island are hibiscus.

Basically, the Ogasawara Islands were formed from coral reefs at the bottom of the ocean by tectonic movement.

The terrain is rugged and uneven.

And the trees are ferns and other subtropical plants.

If you arrive here, you will feel that atmosphere is quite peaceful.

There are a small port and a small tourist information center.

The industries are agriculture (passion fruit, lemons, small tomatoes, coffee, etc.) and fishing.


Store in Hahajima island
Store in Hahajima island

Since there are only three stores. One from the agricultural cooperative, one from the fishermen’s cooperative, and one private store.


Children in Hahajima island
Children in Hahajima island

There is nothing here, but the children are happily playing on the beach.

Here, all nature is their playground.

I envy them. There is a minimum of artificiality.

But why don’t you come and relax in this nature?

You will discover another value here!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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